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In our country, which is in an important earthquake zone, 17th August 1999 GOLCUK, 2nd November 1999 DUZCE and 23rd October 2011 VAN earthquakes showed that in terms of structure security, non-definition of infrastructure, and buildings that lack of superstructure work caused significant losses of life and property. In our country, which is always under the earthquake threat, it is a fact that there are many measures to be taken in terms of structure design production and control in order to minimize the losses. In our country where rapid and unplanned urbanization is intensely experienced the well determination of the ground features, well-planning, quality material, good practice and control for buildings that are earthquake-resistant are necessary. Being earthquake-resistant, compatible with other devices and the load on the building are the most important physical features for the selection of quality material.

Walls are one of the most important considerations that should be paid attention to in buildings that are earthquake-resistant. Walls should be built as light as possible by using soft /light blocks. This way much load is not loaded on the skeleton of the building. The lighter the building is built, the more resistant it gets to earthquakes. According to the results of uniaxial compression resistance, the use of pumice (rottenstone) aggregates in carrying systems is obviously dangerous; however, (as the aggregate connectors are made of cement, and the pumice (Bims) is made of pozzolana cement that is the raw material of natural cement) in terms of physical, chemical and mechanical features, one of the most suitable construction materials for light constructional materials are pumice and constructional components made of pumice. Not only do they reduce the load of buildings, but also they have many features such as sound and heat insulation, high energy savings. Also in Textile, Agriculture, Industrial and Technological fields pumice is used, and has started to take the desired place in our country. From the past to the present, first discovered by Romans, pumice is also used by Sinan the Architecture in many buildings.
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The cost of uninsulated buildings for Turkey is yearly 7 billion dollars!
Out of approximately 18 million dwellings in Turkey 90 percent are not insulated enough. The cost of energy deficit is approximately 7 billion dollars a year because of the fact that building insulation is not taken as important.

The rapidly depletion of natural resources, environmental pollution arising out of fossil fuels, and the big amounts of money paid for energy lead countries to take measures in respect thereof.

In Turkey where a significant part of energy need is imported, the leading obstacle to energy efficiency is uninsulated buildings. 90 percent of 18 million dwellings in Turkey are uninsulated.

When it is considered that throughout Turkey 13, 5 billion dollars are spent yearly for heating and cooling, insulation is obviously the foremost solution to reduce this amount spent. Not only at least the 50 percent of the energy expenses are reduced by insulation, this also means 7 billion dollars savings.

The most important option to prevent energy wastage in order to realize the above mentioned savings is to build new buildings that are well heat-insulated. For this purpose there were made a serial of regulations by the government. The application of Energy Performance Certificate that was put in force on 01.01.2011 made it obligatory for new buildings to have heat insulation. Construction inspection law, which was being applied in 19 cities before 01.01.2011, was started to be applied in all cities. According to this law, throughout Turkey new buildings are inspected in terms of heat insulation, and buildings are not allowed to be built that are not heat-insulated. The role of walls making up the biggest external wall in heat insulation is important, and the selection of products to get efficiency from heat insulation is the most important factor. Today pumice block products are used in one in every four building. Natural, ecological, insulator, incombustible, resistant to hot and cold weather conditions, also being physically soft; CAVUSOGLU BIMS production pumice blocks provide an important advantage in our country which is an earthquake country. The use of CAVUSOGLU BIMS products in buildings that provide high performance in heat insulation is preferred because of their perfect heat insulation features.

General Structure of Cavusoglu Bims Blocks
- Resistant to fire because of the silicate in their structure.
- Manufactured from washed and calibrated natural agrega.
- Prevent from dampness, mold and fungi.
- Provide heat and sound insulation because of natural pores.
- Reduce the weight of buildings because of soft structure.
- Prevent rapid cooling and excess heating in buildings.
- Not require special craftsmanship, low cost of workmanship
- Ideal for all kinds of installations and surfacing
- High-resistant to organic compounds
- Compatible with environment with appearance and color
- No shrinkage cracks
- Safe during earthquake
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