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If what you need is “Insulated soft constructional component”, you are at the right address. Our Company attaches importance to quality and manufacturing technology in soft constructional components that we manufacture and sell.

Each and every soft constructional component you purchase is the same as each other in terms of from weight to resistance, from width to length, even to color thanks to the standardized block, manufacture production of high technology, calibrated raw material, scientifically prepared special mixture prescriptions and mixture durations.
• Heat Insulated and Sound Dampening
Pumice used as raw material together with manufacturing technology provides heat insulation (?/h=0,18w/mK) and sound dampening (44 db TS 1477) because of its natural features.

• Resistant to Earthquake (Solid)
Constructional components with pumice are stronger than other constructional components and thanks to their smaller elasticity module (6, 86 GPa) compared to other constructional components they are vitally more resistant to earthquakes.
(Coefficient of elasticity against break-downs because of seismic wave: 70.000 kgf/cm2). As they are approximately 3 times more elastic, they can more easily absorb shocks without getting broken or cracked, and provide resistance to earthquakes.
(Average 1, 82 N/mm2 TS EN 773-1). Being a smaller load on the building carrying systems, they contribute more resistance to earthquakes for the carrying systems.

• Economical
They do not require special craftsmanship in buildings because of their system. While some special methods are required in walls made with constructional components, Cavusoglu Pumice makes it more economical for the external walls. As the products are even and decorative, walls can be built up without requiring mortar. Internal walls are directly plastered in gypsum plaster. Additionally, less plaster is needed thanks to its even surface.

• Resistant to Fire
More resistant to fire than other construction materials. High melting temperature, with no gas emission harmful to environment. Minimizes the damages caused by fire. (at 1800 °C combustion temperature, noncombustible for 280 minutes, no loss of shape or size, and no smoke emission. The definition of fire-resistance by DIN4108 Standards: A1 class, of no organic material, noncombustible).

• Natural
Cavusoglu Bims is natural because no foreign substances are added except for natural materials and cement.

• Balanced Humidity
Capable of bearing a big amount of water in it, thus wet proof and damp-proof. Additionally, capable of natural air conditioning in the place. Thanks to its pored and natural structure, healthy and not stinking places are built.

• Environment Friendly
Cavusoglu Bims cause very low energy cost. The only thing needed is vibration energy. Definitely no chemical or biological technique is used in manufacturing. Additionally, in manufacturing there is nothing threatening the workers’ health.

• Soft
Another feature of Cavusoglu Bims is its being light. (The specific weight of pumice (bims) is average 0.075 kg/ dm³. Cavusoglu Bims’ density is 0,6 kg/ dm³). The load on the base of the building is low therefore. In terms of the weights of finished walls, compared to walls that are made of other construction materials, Cavusoglu Bims walls are lighter.
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