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Company’s Profile

Company’s Profile
Started its commercial life in 1967 as CAVUSOGLU, our company continued to carry on activities in fields of automotive and petrol products. In 1970s when the pumice mines started to appear our company continued its activities by breaking a new ground with the introduction and use of the pumice mineral in textile, chemistry and construction sectors in country-wide.

Our Company provides service under the name of CAVUSOGLU BIMS, adding one more to its stabile and sincere works, with 4.900 square meter closed and 76.000 square meter open field, latest technology, fully computerized, capacity of daily manufacture about 245.000 piece/day, not dependent on outside financial sources, transport network and wall networks, producing fillers.

Within the frame of technology and quality enhancement CAVUSOGLU BIMS hold TSE (EN 771-3) and CE certificates. It added a filtering facility for pumice mineral, so pumice mineral products are introduced to construction and other sectors. In the following years our Company, with the slogan “Expert in Quality, Principled in Price”, will enhance its performance, incorporating with its other organizations, with the aim of always advancing its activities, without giving up on its principles, providing job opportunities, contributing to the country’s economy.

Meet the requirements of the quality management system that is built with the personnel in a united way working in pumice block manufacturing; constantly increase and improve the efficiency of the system.

Completely meet the demands thus maximize the customer satisfaction by following the constantly changing marketplace and customer requirements with the manufacturing and sales strategies, focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction.

Build a work system that appreciate the employees, work well, and exhibit high performance.

Put in force the sense of mission with an organization having high social responsibility.
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